How To Build Your DinoPark

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So you have received your DinoPark and now you want to assemble it. If you really want to find out how to do this on your own, then you better leave this page.

Otherwise, the following instructions will show you our recommended way to do it. We have taken photos of the important steps so that you can easily follow the assembly sequence. If you still have difficulties with the assembly, please contact us at

General notes and hints

  • We use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for packaging wherever possible. To protect electronics we have to use plastic foam based antistatic bags - please re-use them if you can!
  • Ideally use a non-slip work surface - this will make handling during assembly easier.

DinoPark assembly sequence

Unboxed: The housing parts are still repackaged. A screwdriver is included.
Note the orientation of the DinoPark board and the base plate: The side with the connectors must be mounted on the side of the base plate where the screw bases are closer together (left side in the photo).
Again: When mounting the DinoPark board, make sure that its side with the connectors and the switch ends exactly with the edge of the mounting plate. And be sure to use the enclosed washers.
Assemble the housing by screwing the Text Display to the side rails and the height adjusters.
After you have mounted the back plate to the connection side of the DinoPark, it is time to put it into the housing.
Push the mounting plate with the DinoPark carefully into the lower side rails of the housing as shown.
The correct wiring with the enclosed cables is shown in this picture.
To complete the housing, pull out the DinoPark a little bit and push the blind tiles into the upper side rails.
Then screw the back plate to the side rails so that everything is firmly attached.
Done! Your DinoPark is now ready for use - have fun!

Installing the DinoDials

In case you have purchased DinoDials, we will show you here how best to install them into your DinoPark and wire them.

Unscrew the display from your DinoPark. Then connect the DinoDials "inbetween" the Display Board and the DinoPark Board.
Wiring seen seen from another angle. Note that the USB Connector of the DinoDials slide it into the upper side rails and attach the display back to the housing.
The drawing may be even more clear than the photos...
You're done! PUSH AND TURN to change/assign the parameter. LONG PUSH to store a snapshot. SHORT PUSH to recall a snapshot. Enjoy!