Creating a Tile Chain

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The TileChain

One MPA Tile rarely comes alone. Several Tiles are connected to each other with the same 6-pole ribbon cables to form a so-called TileChain. The two 6-pin connections on a tile are equivalent and do not have to be connected in a certain direction or sequence.

One of the tiles now takes over the role of the "USB Bridge" - the bridge to a host computer which takes over the communication with the TileChain and makes it available in the network. Since all MPA tiles have a USB device port, each tile can basically take on the role of the bridge.

TileChain connected to TilesHub


We recommend to choose the USB bridge approximately in the middle of the TileChain and to limit the number of tiles on both sides of the USB bridge to four to five at first.

In addition, tiles that potentially produce larger amounts of event data should be positioned closer to the USB Bridge within the TileChain or should themselves act as the USB Bridge to minimize latencies due to data passing through the other Tiles to the USB Bridge. For your orientation, these tiles usually generate or take in most (to least) event traffic:

Motorfader Tile --- most traffic

Text Display Tile (coming soon)

XY-Stick Tile (coming soon)

Wheel Tile (coming soon)

RGB Button Tile

Encoders Tile --- least traffic